Valuing Your Expectations

Vaastu says that you only value the things that you pay for. Naturally, you value your materialistic possessions like clothes, cars, house and all your “belongings”. But do you value the air you breathe or the love people have for you? To be brutally honest, no. Your attachment to the materialistic world is much more. Maybe because we are able to quantify this valuation.

When your actions and thoughts are inspired by selfishness with the aim to attain end results, you tend to deviate from your true purpose in life. Everything we do or say has a purpose that we want to achieve or expect a reaction. However, when there is love in your heart, you are willing to give up your selfish wants and desires to give joy and happiness to others. When your actions are inspired by love it is called sewa or service and you are detached to the end result. Unconditional love is the act of giving without any expectations. As per the Vedas, our universe is an expression of unconditional love. The sun gloriously burns to radiate warmth and light, the ocean offers itself to become vapour, the clouds condense into rain to quench the thirst of the parched earth and the earth tears open its body to nourish the world. The elements evolve a cycle of giving and expanding. As should you.

Try, for a week, to minimise your expectations for every action that you perform and focus on just doing in the now and you will see a shift in your energetic plane.

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