Residential Vaastu

Vaastu for Home
Vaastu for Home

Vaastu has its root in the word “vaas” which means “to reside”. It also resonates in Vaasna (desire) and Vaastav (reality). We believe a home is a place where your desires meet reality, unfolding happiness and peace of mind.

Do you have a south facing home? Or a north facing home? Is your kitchen in the East? What is the best direction for your bed? Do you want your children to score higher in their exams? Money problems at home?

Vaastu will help you if you are not happy, meaning there is a discord between your internal and external vibrations that must be synchronised by following simple Vaastu correctional steps. We do not propose structural changes in our advice but follow the school of energy therapy and colour therapy. We use energisers and amplifiers wherever necessary and provide simple-to-follow suggestions for the home. Whether you live in a home, villa, apartment, studio or farmhouse, Vaastu can help harmonise your surroundings for a happy and prosperous life.

Some of the common home Vaastu troubles are:

  • Vaastu for money issues
  • Vaastu for family problems
  • Vaastu for career growth
  • Vaastu for marriage in the family
  • Vaastu for anxiety and depression

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