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Rakesh Chawla, Principal Consultant

Vaastukala , or the art of Vaastu, is the brainchild of Rakesh Chawla, our principal consultant. An alumni of Modern School and St.Stephens College, Delhi, Mr. Chawla is certain that he was destined to be a Vaastu proponent. It was during his tenure with Philips India that he was introduced to Vaastu Shastra in 1988. He has been a leader in this field for over 30 years and has also mastered energy control.

During the course of his career, Mr Chawla has worked with a large number of residential, business, commercial and industrial properties across the world.

Rakesh Chawla has authored the column “Vaastu Wisdom” in Hindustan Times and has written 2 books. These books on Vaastu are aimed to help students of Vaastu or anyone interested in Vaastu gain a better understanding. You can browse more details about these books here.

Mr Chawla believes that everyone should have happy, fulfilled lives and our aim is to help you unleash it.

Why Vaastu?

It is first important to understand that the energies that surround you are an extension of the energy within you. In essence, your home or office spaces reflect and influence your life. Using this principle, Vaastu helps in two ways :

  1. Solve an existing issue in your life
  2. Enhance a facet that is going well, but could do better

Vaastu recognises that there are different energies associated with each direction and helps you harness them to your benefit. Whether you are facing trouble at the personal front with your significant other or having issues with finances at work, Vaastu can assist in clearing out the negativity to help solve these with you. Through Vaastu, you can also achieve the following:

  1. Clarity of thought and peace of mind
  2. Joy and sense of fulfilment
  3. Overcoming anxiety, stress or anger
  4. Financial and influential gain
  5. New opportunities in the personal and professional life

You can explore out our online Vaastu check and calculate the Vaastu score for your home or office.

How can Vaastukala help you?

What Vaastukala stands for

We, at Vaastukala help our clients achieve their dreams by following the 4A Method. We first understand their goal state or AMBITION. Then we narrow down and define the AIM and framework for our process. We then ALIGN their energetic potential to their requirements to prescribe customised ACTIONS that helps them achieve their goals.

You can reach out to us here to set up an appointment today.