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Rakesh Chawla has successfully launched 3 books on Vaastu, including one Hindi book on Vaastu. You can browse the same below.

The Pocket Book of Vaastu

The beginner’s guide on Vaastu that gives clear guidelines for both existing and new structures. There are specially curated sections on how to evaluate your plot, house, building and property and what changes you can easily do to make your surroundings more harmonious and joyful, without making any structural changes. The book focuses on both home and offices and is highly recommended as a starting point to learn more about Vaastu.

Vaastu for Health, Wealth and Happiness

The second in the series, this book discusses the placement of Vaastu elements and Vaastu guidelines for mirrors, paintings and sculptures. Correlation between the different directions and colours are also covered. We highly recommend that the Pocket Book of Vaastu by Rakesh Chawla prior to this.

Sampoorn Vaastu Shastra (Hindi)

Our Vaastu book in Hindi. This book highlights the basics of Vaastu and how should one build new structures using the Vaastu principles. Vaastu for home and Vaastu for office are some of the topics covered in this book.

TV Shows

Rakesh Chawla has been on various TV programs in the past decade. Topics discussed were Vaastu tips on the main door, Vaastu for mirrors as well as a few live Vaastu consultations. You can view these videos on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Vaastu tips on how to clear out clutter and unleash infinite happiness
Vaastu effects of mirror in front of main door

For more videos, you can view our YouTube Channel – Vaastukala by Rakesh Chawla