Commercial Vaastu

Commercial spaces include retail as well as industrial spaces.

Retail Vaastu

Vaastu for Shops and Retail Spaces

Malls, food courts, retail stores, entertainment, travel and so on require emphasis on very positive energies that encourage a customer to purchase and then to revisit . This repeated footfall automatically translates into success.

” we assist clients in harnessing good energies as their success reflects ours. “

Vaastu can help in various aspects of a retail space:

  • increase customer footfall
  • increase profits
  • reduce disharmony amongst colleagues
  • departmental problems
  • financial support

Industrial Vaastu

Vaastu for Factories and Industrial Spaces

All industries have their unique process flow, be it automobiles, garment exports, paper mills, sugar factories, steel mills or distilleries or any other, we recommend keeping it in a clockwise motion, flowing from South to North or West to East.

Similarly tapping good meridians i.e positioning doors and gates for inflow and outflow of goods is equally important, irrespective of the scale i.e large , medium or small.

Finally, balancing elements inside the compound ensures maximum quality production, low rejection, happy work force and so on.

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