Vaastu for Relationships

Element: Air

Direction: Northwest

This element/zone is primarily responsible for good relations. A static environment can make you feel claustrophobic; hence in this zone movement is recommended. An imbalance of this element like the northwest of the room / building being cut off or if this zone is lower then the northeast can have serious Repercussions in your relationship with your colleagues, spouse, children’s and not to forget your in-laws. Remember volatile winds are Tornadoes that can uproot everything.

Vaastu tips for Strong Relationships

  • Clean the clutter in the cupboards along this corner
  • Hang a tuned windchime outside the window or in the NorthWest balcony.\
  • Mop the floor with salt water
  • Do not sleep with a mirror in front of your bed
  • Kids/Marriageable daughters should occupy a NorthWest room
  • At work place keep an icon of Lord Hanuman in the NorthWest
  • Do mild breathing exercises

NOTE: – Please remember there could be many other factors responsible for Stability, Growth, Health, Relationship and Communication issues. Please contact us here for expert advice on the same.