Vaastu for Health

Element: Fire

Direction: Southeast

This element/zone represents health. There is a saying health is wealth, may be thats the reason why it is also considered to be the wealth zone in Feng Shui. An imbalance of this element can erupt like a volcano causing disease in the body and mind. It has an inherent clash with water.

Tips to enhance your Health

  • Do not have a water body in the southeast specially an underground tank
  • Sleep with your head towards south
  • Do not sleep/work under a beam
  • Do not sleep/work with sharp edges/objects pointing towards you
  • Do not have split floor levels in your room
  • It is a good area to have a kitchen but should not be visible from the front door

NOTE: – Please remember there could be many other factors responsible for Stability, Growth, Health, Relationship and Communication issues. Please contact us here for expert advice on the same.