Vaastu for Growth

vaastu for growth

Element: Water

Direction: Northeast

This element/zone represents growth/procreation. It directly translates to finances/family. An imbalance of this element such as an elevated North or blocked East can hamper your growth prospects and may drown your efforts like a typhoon.

Tips to enhance Growth

  • Always keep the NorthEast of you home/office in a neat and clean manner. No junk at any cost
  • Keep an aquarium or water fountain towards the north
  • An underground water tank in this area does wonders
  • North East quadrant should be the same or lower than other quadrants but never raised
  • When planning a family avoid a NorthEast bedroom

NOTE: – Please remember there could be many other factors responsible for Stability, Growth, Health, Relationship and Communication issues. Please contact us here for expert advice on the same.