Vaastu for Communication

Vaastu to improve communication

Element: Space

Direction: Centre

This occupies the centre, is considered to be most subtle of all elements. Any imbalance here can strike you like lightning. When communications are delinked at work or at home you feel frustrated and let down. Your need to be centred is profound. In the good old days house had a central courtyard and each member of the family enjoyed his/her own space. If there is a depression or a pool of water in the centre of your premises that can cause a lot of disturbance in your life.

Tips for improving Communication

  • The centre of your home must be light and airy
  • If there is a wall or a column in the centre hang a mirror on it
  • If you have a stairway in middle hang a tuned chime
  • Water should not be here at any cost
  • If you have a toilet or a kitchen please seek professional advice

NOTE: – Please remember there could be many other factors responsible for Stability, Growth, Health, Relationship and Communication issues. Please contact us here for expert advice on the same.